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February 12th, 2014 | Posted by admin in casino

What’s Bingo Hollywood all about?

Bingo Hollywood is a website that offers people the games they love to play. 75 ball, 90 ball, jackpot games, casino games are what they offer.  Tickets ranging from 1p to 50p are available. We get to play the game right on signing up. There’s no download business. The website is user-friendly and has all the information any person would require; be it a newbie or an expert. Sufficient information is put up on the home page which attracts people to start on with the game. After all, who would not want to start gaming when there are so many promotional offers, bonuses and reward points! Compare top 10 bingo sites using max bingo games.

There are both free games and paid games. Different modes of payment are mentioned and with so many options, at least one or two would be suitable for an individual. Bingo Hollywood is all about making it’s people enjoy the games while they win more and also get to play more as more bonuses are added by Bingo Hollywood.  It’s not just another gaming website online where people try out how the game is, but they really stay online to play, win and most importantly – have fun!

Difference between Bingo Hollywood and other bingo gaming websites:

Bingo Hollywood has more bonuses and promotions than other gaming websites. This can be found right on their home page. Also separate pages are dedicated for bonuses and promotions which gives clear cut information helping us to choose the kind of games we want to play while earning a decent sum of money enjoying the game. They display previous day’s winners openly on their website with another page dedicated for that. £5 is awarded for referral. Games on the website can be played conveniently on the mobile if it is iPhone or android supported mobile phone. There are prizes given away specifically for games that are played on the mobile.

Loyalty program

Bingo Hollywood has a loyalty program for it’s star players. This is something that other websites don’t have.  Cubic, sapphire, emerald, ruby and diamond are the star levels that are calculated by different criteria. Each star level has benefits which are listed in the loyalty program page of the website.

Bonuses and promotions:

Starting with the sign up bonus, players get 300% bonus on first deposit for a max of £100. On top of that there is 75% redeposit bonus. Goody bags are something that everybody craves for when they start playing with Bingo Hollywood. The catch is holiday to Hollywood in these goody bags. Another one is tickets for two to London premier with one night stay in five-star hotel, and of course all the expenses are paid! Now these are real promotions and the bonuses can be got hold of while playing the games. It is both in the form of cash awards that can be claimed and reward points got to play more games without spending a penny!

To know more about the running bonuses and promotions, it is best to visit the respective pages in the website.

Stick fast to responsible gaming:

Almost every website will have it’s terms & conditions. It is out of mutual respect that people abide by each company’s policies. Bingo Hollywood also has it’s T&C which is mandatory to be read out and followed. Along with that they have responsible gaming page which is really informative and helpful. The way it is put up is really nice and they encourage safety not just for their own company, but also request co-operation of all their users.

Overall, the website is really good for gaming, enjoying and winning amazing prizes that every person wishes to get!

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