Who Dat went oy, splat.

January 7th, 2014 | Posted by admin in roulette

When it comes to bookmaker free bets, you can take your Bills wide right. You can have your Browns are clowns and Colts moving in the dead of night. Yeah, the Bucs were, well let’s not alliterate but shm…it rhymes with clucks. Let’s check out these predictions courtesy of http://www.freebookmakersbetsandbonuses.com.au.

Or consider any of a myriad of football disappointments, all your favorite disgraces leading up to, and including, the ’08 Lions denizens as you consider bookmaker free bets.

But for me, the Armageddon of the gridiron begins, and ends, with the 1987 Saints.

I love the Saints. If they had a daughter, I’d marry her. If they were a rock band, I’d groupie them until they cried Jim Mora, you’re right, we ain’t good enough, playoffs, hah, what playoffs.

Heck, I loved the Saints when there was nothing much more than the original Manning, Archie, to love. When they played across the street from my house at cold steel, and teary-eyed, Tulane Stadium. When it took no less than an NFL record Tom Dempsey 63 yard field goal to win a game and countless bleary-eyed nights along Bourbon Street to lose every season.

The years went by not so gracefully nor with much purpose. Finally, the team started to shape up a bit as Bum Phillips got exiled from Houston to what looked like football hell at the time, the city that care forgot, and never knew how to win at football.

Phillips brought some professionalism to the Saints even if he didn’t get much more than a .500 record. He got the Saints pointed in the right direction before he kind of gave up the farm and gave son Wade Phillips his first head coaching opportunity, albeit an interim 1-3 one.

New owner Tom Benson took over the team and got some good advice from Commissioner Pete Rozelle, who wanted parity and felt sympathy for long suffering Saints fans. Rozelle hooked the team up with Jim Finks, creator of Da 1984 Bears, Vikings before them and a future would-be commissioner before his untimely, and sad, death from lung cancer. He finally got the Saints into the playoffs.

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